Economic Advantage in Romania

Located at the junction of the European Union, the Balkans and the CIS , Romania has a strategic and attractive position , allowing easy access to Western and Eastern Europe, to former Soviet states , to Balkan countries , Middle East and North Africa. Romania is crossed by three major pan-European corridors : corridor no. 4, which connects West of Eastern European Corridor no. 9, which connects the north and south of the continent and European corridor . 7, which facilitates navigation within Europe .
Agriculture & Food
Once considered the “breadbasket of Europe ” , Romania has a significant agricultural potential , which can be exploited by continued investment in the field.
· It has a huge agricultural potential ;
· Romania is on the 6th in Europe as UAA and 5th as arable land ( 14 million hectares) ;
· It has a highly developed wine industry .
Due to the natural resources it holds , Romania is one of the favorite destinations of foreign investors.
· It has important and rich natural resources, in particular: coal, oil , natural gas, fertile arable land , hydropower and nuclear, lately attracted very many investments in renewable energy , particularly wind and photovoltaics ;
· It has a high potential energy , ranking 6th in the EU, the share of renewables in energy consumption;
Compliance with European standards is a goal that Romania wants to achieve in infrastructure through continued investment .
· It has a large industrial infrastructure , especially in the oil and petrochemical industry , the auto industry ( main manufacturers are : Dacia , Renault, Ford and many manufacturers of auto parts and tires – Pirelli , Continental and Michelin ) and IT (HP , Oracle factory , Microsoft , etc. . )
· It is in constant development and improvement of the highway network , in accordance with EU standards ;
· Has a major transport infrastructure in sea, river , air and road ;
· 16 airports ;
· 29 ports ( four sea and 25 inland) ;
· 11,053 km of railways ;
· 79,454 km of road traffic ;
Romania offers many investment opportunities in key sectors such as infrastructure (transport and energy ), industry , agriculture and fisheries , education and environmental protection.
· It is one of the main destinations for foreign investors – a leader in the region in attracting foreign direct investment ( sursa. ATKearney Report 2010) ;
· It has a huge tourism potential , with investment opportunities as : extremely varied landforms , legendary Carpathian Mountains , the Danube and the Danube Delta , Black Sea ( has 244 km of coastline ) , ski resorts , towns and medieval castles ;
· Benefits from financial support from the EU Development 30 billion for the period 2007-2013;
· There is finance schemes for investors;
· Reinvested profit is not taxed ;
· There are no restrictions on repatriation of profits ;
· It has a booming real estate sector .
Peaceful and tolerant country , Romania was ranked 9th in Europe in terms of size and 7th in terms of number of inhabitants.
· It is the second largest consumer market in Central and Eastern Europe (population 21 million) , is growing , along with the neighboring countries form a consumer market of 100 million inhabitants;
· It is bordered by five countries: Bulgaria , Serbia , Hungary , Moldova and Ukraine;
· It has a workforce of young, experienced and competitive , with rich knowledge in technical and IT , English is widespread ;
· It has an advanced education ( 91 universities, 1,400 schools, 11,700 schools) ;
· Are present most of the multinationals .
Protocols and agreements POLICY
Member country of the European Union and NATO , Romania is subject to EU regulations and standards , having signed bilateral diplomatic relations with 177 of the 191 UN member countries .
· It ie  member in UN, OSCE , Council of Europe and the International Organization of la Francophonie ;
· Has signed trade agreements with the EU , EFTA and CEFTA ;
· It is a member of the World Trade Organization in January 1995.
As an EU member , Romania is circumscribed activities under  EU regulations and EU bilateral relations with Japan.