Andrei Alexandrescu and the programming language C + +!

Andrei Alexandrescu is one of the creators of the programming language C++, and he is now a researcher at Facebook. He left for the United States shortly after graduating from Polytechnic Institute in 1994 , and in November 2009, Facebook made ​​him an offer he could not refuse.
Andrei is the author of one of the most successful programming books in the world, Modern C + + Design , which it is said to have revolutionized the famous programming language C + + , so he had the opportunity to know very well Bjarne Stroustrup , inventor of C + + . Also , along with Walter Bright , he is the creator of a new programming language , D.
As a research field , Andrei prefer Natural Language Processing ( Natural Language Processing ) because he believes that programming is a combination of mathematics and rigor, literary creativity and literary expression .
Andrew became a mentor at Tech School – project initiated by UPC that offers young people the chance to put their passion for technology into practice with ideas that can change our world for the better- because he thinks we already live in a society of ideas and wanted to encourage research and entrepreneurship , and developing young talent passionate in programming and technology.