Successful Entrepreneurship: Japan Stone Spa and the Japanese dream

“This is not for me simply a business in which I have invested ” 1 Euro to gain 4″ , a well-known saying. Daily, I invest here my passion and my soul because opening this salon and spa services and providing a framework and unique concept in Romania is my dream come true, it is my professional fulfillment as human.
The story of this salon, my story is a trip to the other half of the globe for over 10 years…I had this dream: to return to the place where I was born and that I always missed, to create something lasting over years. It is also the story of many years of study, work, perseverance, renunciation and sacrifice.
It is the story of an extraordinary culture that I love, who taught me that beauty is above all, a state of health and harmony between body, mind and soul.
At the same time, Japan taught me among others, that to provide services in the field of beauty required much study and hard science. So it is that shortly after I arrived in Japan I followed for one year the courses at one of the most prestigious schools of professional beauty: Miss Paris. I can say without any doubt that the year spent at Miss Paris resembles an army year…
First, it is taught as a science (the science of skin care, science of body treatments, hair removal science, communication between beautician and client science, etc.), it is focused on detailed knowledge of the domain, thus providing information on medicine, chemistry, biology and blending very well with the traditional techniques. The approach is, in essence, very rigorous, any treatment is seen as a procedure as a clear rite, precise, exact.
Second, it is a school of life where I learned to be disciplined, to appreciate and respect your customers, to be with other words a professional. Japanese labor, discipline and precision is known worldwide.
However, I liked it very much, plus I could then realize that I was prepared to perform at the extremely high standards of services for the salons, where I got to work .
I returned to Romania…….. and I’m happy that today I can share with family, friends and my clients everything that I know and love about the Japanese culture by opening Japan Stone Spa, successful business, that brings in Romania a part of Japan”- Antoaneta Manea, administrator Japan Stone Spa