About Us

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania – Japan is an association constituted as Romanian legal person governed by private nonprofit privilege, that operates under the chamber system, governed by Law no. 335/2007 of Chambers of Commerce in Romania.
The Goal  of the association is to promote trade, industry and services of the two countries both in bilateral relations as well as supporting interests in international and economic agents in relation with the Romanian and Japanese authorities in the country and specialized foreign organizations.
In order to accomplish the purpose for which it was founded and the acts they initiate, the association will work with central and local organs of state administration with national and international chambers of commerce of both countries and other institutions or nongovernmental organizations
To achieve the intended goal, the association carries, mainly, the following activities:
  • Supports the  development of commercial and industrial cooperation of its members with Romanian and Japanese companies;
  • Supports the development of projects and economic cooperation;
  • Develops commercial information and documentation activities;
  • Supports businesses agents to achieve export-import trading activities;
  • Supports the work of professional expertise of its members and other economic agents, as appropriate, depending on the interests of the association;
  • Initiates meetings and contacts between Romanian and Japanese businesses agents , and business forums and other meetings that may develop cooperation between the two countries;
  • Supports organizing specialized fairs and exhibitions;
  • Promotes direct business actions of development  on the two markets, mediates  bank support for its members and for other economic agents interested in the application;
  • Publishes  information and advertising;
  • Inform Japanese companies and / or Romania on export opportunities, import and cooperation.
  • Promotes communication, cooperation and permanent social dialogue between the Board and public authorities from Romania and Japan;
  • Representation, promotion, support and defending  the economic , commercial  and technical  interests of its members.
  • Continuous  systematic extending of economic relationships between Romania and Japan based on equality and mutual benefit partnership. 

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in the Natura 2000 European ecological network named as Administrator of the North of Western  Gorj – the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Japan CCIRJ.