Rules of conduct

Under the auspices of the law governing the organization and functionality of the chamber system, Law 335/2007, and in accordance with the Statute of Romanian Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIRJ), CCIRJ provides to its members, rights and obligations.

Romanian Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry members can be:
  • Patent Members, a category of legal entity whose legal statute was recognized by the Government decision issued under Decree. Law no. 139 \ 1990 on Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania
  • Associate members, a category of legal entity registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations and Patronage register
  • Honorary Members, a category of individuals, public national or international figures

Legal entities may obtain membership certificate by fulfilling the conduct rules.
The application must be approved by the College Board, in the first session after registration. Declining the application may be appealed within 30 days from the notice. The appeal is being pronounced on the first session of General Board.
Honorary members can get this quality based on the written proposal made by a member of The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Patent Members and Associate Members are required to pay fees in the first quarter of current year. Exceeding this deadline is being followed by penalties, according with the Statute of CCIRJ.

Can become a member of the Association any person who:

  • recognizes its statute
  • carries out a direct economic activity in Romania or Japan
  • pays established taxes and fees

Members of the Association have the following rights:

  • to attend the General Assembly having the right to vote
  • to participate to all the activities that are being organized by CCIRJ
  • to benefit of all services provided by CCIRJ
  • to participate to all courses, conferences and other events organized by CCIRJ for training and professional development

CCIRJ members have the following duties:

  • to respect the Statute of CCIRJ and all the decisions of the General Board
  • to develop its activities in accordance with the Law and commercial usage, avoiding any act of unfair competition
  • to support all the activities of CCIRJ
  • to pay the establishes fees and taxes
  • to participate directly or by a representative to all CCIRJ actions and General Assembly

The quality of membership is being suspended in the following cases:

  • when the member is during liquidation
  • when the member is being proved to be guilty in a criminal case that makes him to be unworthy
  • when the legal entity is dissolved, in the case individual entity when the quality of economic agent  stops or  in case of death
  • at his request, after fulfilling  all duties and obligations as CCIRJ’s member
  • through exclusion, based on a solid reason, at the proposal of 1/3 members of the General Board

Exclusion may be a consequence of the following situations:

  • serious violations of statutes, regulations or decisions of the Board and the General Assembly of CCIRJ
  • non paying annual membership dues
  • the existence of  interests that are in conflict with CCIRJ
  • bringing  damage to the image of CCIRJ

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