From passion to business – Monica Simion, an entrepreneurial model worth following

“I thought about what I like, my hobbies : reading , the theater, traveling , clothes. I outlined a business idea …. Together with the experience I gained over the years in various sales jobs in various companies , large and small , and with a network of acquaintances that I have created over time, here’s the solution : a clothing business, “Authentic Product” . From here on, I had just to be creative because the available budget was not too high : I found a space, a room, in a stylish hotel, I enabled my network of acquaintances and begun… I decided to organize events to promote my new business and to popularize young actors ( I love theater, like I said ) . In November 2012 I rented a theater room and I brought a very good amateur group of actors, I invited 100 people to whom I talked about my intention to sell clothes that are made exclusively in Romania, trying to stimulate their appetite for shopping, and also help the national economy. I stayed in a hotel room a few months, then I moved into a space suited to a clothes showroom in the same hotel. Meanwhile my network of buyers has increased, I continued to sell and organize events for my clients. We enjoy seeing young, talented, gifted actors performing and I continue to urge ladies ( I address them exclusively ) to buy products “Made in Romania “. The clothes are made entirely in the country, at factories with tradition in Romania and that generally work for export . The clothes are beautiful, well crafted with high quality materials. Gradually, I sketched the buyer profile- sophisticated woman , working in companies or having their own business or working in liberal professions (doctors , lawyers , psychologists , consultants as well as photographers, make- up artists ) , over 25 years , but who appreciate the idea of “made in Romania ” . I know them all personally, and I became friends with many of them. Now, I make purchases , having in mind their specific needs and desires. My business can be defined, as Alina says, one of my clients: ” You make us an interesting selection of clothes, we do not have time to go shopping , to stay in stores , we come to you , we see and we buy “. there are situations, not a few, when my program is strictly done in accordance with their program: I came at 21.00 hour, on Saturday or Sunday night , because my clients needed me . Flexibility is very appreciated, it’s one of the strong points of a business … get creative and solutions will come in life, set a goal that you can accomplish with your abilities and then look for all the resources (people, money, time , knowledge ), you can gather . I believe in entrepreneurship! I am sure it is the solution for a better future for us and for the community in which we live”.- Monica Simion, a successful Romanian entrepreneur.