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Andrei Alexandrescu and the programming language C + +!

Andrei Alexandrescu is one of the creators of the programming language C++, and he is now a researcher at Facebook. He left for the United States shortly after graduating from Polytechnic Institute in 1994 , and in November 2009, Facebook made ​​him an offer he could not refuse. Andrei is the author of one of […]

Romania-sole producer of hemp oil in Europe!

At Salonta, Bihor county, functions the only hemp oil factory in Europe. Hemp oil production at Salonta began in 2008. The factory was built from scratch with European funds and the beginning was not easy… but now the factory has orders waiting for several months. Raw materials, industrial hemp stems are 99 percent of imports, […]


The success of a Romanian designer in Paris

Considered as one of the most promising Romanian designers, young Silvia Terziu graduated the renowned International Fashion University ESMOD, her creations appeared in ESMOD catalog, that celebrated 170 years of the University existence, and in the prestigious French publication, “Marie Claire France” and “Le Figaro”. The designer Silvia Terziu, originally from Timisoara, lives currently in […]


Goodies from Nature: 100% natural, 100% Romanian

“Goodies from Nature” represents a three generations family who has practical sense, initiative and love for life and for everything surrounding us. We follow a healthy way of living which means: as many outdoor activities as possible, healthy food, spending enough time with family and friends. “Goodies from Nature” is also a trademark under which […]

The Romanian researcher Andreea Creanga awarded by the White House

Andreea Creanga, a Romanian researcher from Calarasi, received the highest award of the American Administration for scientists at the beginning of the road. Andreea has been awarded for research related to maternal mortality made ​​to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, where she works since 2009. The Study conducted by the Romanian […]

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