Romania, number 1 in the world in the production of car seats and seat belts for children

Disney and Ferrari buys safety equipment for children from Doina Cepalis factories, located in Moldova.
In just six years, the company Te Rox-Prod, managed by Doina Cepalis, with headquartered in Pascani, Romania, has succeeded to establish itself as world leader in the production of safety equipment for children.
The road to success began in 2007 with a capital of 10,000 Euros and a partnership with the french company Team Rex, for which Doina Cepalis, former owner of a bankrupt garment factories, produced car seats under their brand.
After one year, she begun production of her own products, covers and belts for baby car seats, under the logo Te Rox-Prod. In six years, the turnover has increased from 230,000 euros to 22 million euros. Doina Cepalis products are manufactured in five factories in Iasi, Roman and Pascani and exported in 52 countries . Customers include giants like Ferrari and Disney.