Goodies from Nature: 100% natural, 100% Romanian

“Goodies from Nature” represents a three generations family who has practical sense, initiative and love for life and for everything surrounding us. We follow a healthy way of living which means: as many outdoor activities as possible, healthy food, spending enough time with family and friends.
“Goodies from Nature” is also a trademark under which we prepare marmalades, jams and syrups with fruits from our own harvest or from the householders in our region. We use no industrial processing, no chemicals and no synthetic sweeteners. Only lemons, mint from our garden, cinnamon, vanilla pods and healthy Romanian fruits!
We started this journey because of our wish to offer the best from nature in simple and healthy products. We produce using selected, washed Romanian fruits, which are peeled one by one and boiled in amounts of maximum 4 kg.
Firstly, we reproduced our grandmothers’ recipes: Moldavian plums jam, white cherries marmalade, Agurida juice and others to which we had the fortune to add an interesting discovery: a cooking book from the 60s, an encyclopedia about the preserving possibilities from then.
We were glad every time our grandmother shared us a recipe and this way we reached a number of 27 assortments in jars. To these, we add over 16 types of syrup, which also mean quite enough meticulosity and attention, and we shouldn’t forget about the green grapes juice (Agurida juice).
Every jar we obtaine is a goody from nature, not a mass product!
“Goodies from Nature” means products based on fruits and vegetables designed to be enjoyed even when their season is over. When the fall with its rich harvest is over, we can be proud with our pantry filled with goodies. All the fruits we process come from communes in Vrancea County: Vartescoiu, Odobesti, Jaristea, Cotesti, Bolotesti, Suraia, Mera – from working people who love the land.
Another reason for doing this is the wish to create social effects in the region. The producers have a place to deliver their merchandise and are no longer tempted to sell their land or to let it fallow. The community members become this way both resources consumers and added value generators”- Ramona Grigoriu, Goodies from Nature
“Goodies from Nature” is a 100% Romanian brand, whose recipe for success consisted in combining the love and respect for nature, country, tradition, community with professionalism and excellent quality.